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Combo Deals

Please note that all the prices shown below are per person.

Bookings are highly recommended for the options below. 


Ultimate Pass

50 Minutes Escape room + 

70 Minutes of unlimited VR experiences


VR Escape Room

50 Minutes + 10 Minutes Tutorial


Adventurer Pass

70 Minutes of unlimited VR experiences




Matrix + any 2 VR experiences (excluding VR Escape Room).


Group Pass

70 Minutes of unlimited VR experiences with minimum 3 people. 



Choose any 2 VR experiences (excluding VR Escape Room).

Individual Immersive Experiences 



Up to 4 players team-shooting survival game. 

Kid-friendly Zombie Survival available.


Race Cars

Battle against each other, choose the fastest ride, and collect the most powerful power-ups.


Sword Master

The Solo King platform offers a wide selection of hundreds of VR experiences to choose from.


Racing Simulator

The most realistic racing simulator in virtual reality by far, paired with a full motion platform.


Duo Arena

Choose from hundreds of the trendiest VR games.




Get ready to unleash your inner speed demon as you race full throttle on our adrenaline-pumping 4D motion platform motorcycle!


Time Machine

Explore close to a hundred content options. Watch 2 VR movies in our top-notch two-seater 4D motion platform cinema.



Experience the thrill of standing on a dynamic motion platform while diving into heart-pounding first-person shooting adventures.



Stand your ground and unleash all you've got! Enemies are converging from every direction—get ready to defend your position with an adrenaline-fueled fury!

Please note: Horror-themed virtual reality experiences are requires permission from parent/guardian.

 Conditions of use

■ Anyone with a previous medical condition, such as severe headaches, ear-arches, heart related medical conditions or psychiatric disorders should check with your doctor first before experiencing any VR games or content.
■ Pregnant women and children under 5 years old will not be permitted to experience any VR games or content.
■ Please stop immediately during any time when you start to experience any discomforts of any kind.
■ Some people may experience mild to extreme seizure dizziness, or seizure with the eye. Anyone who experience this should immediately discontinue and report to VR Voom's staff members.
■ Children under the age of 14 years old must be supervised at all times.
■ Do not use any equipment when sleep deprived or if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
■ Customers under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to experience any VR games or content.
■ Do not wear high heels, sandals and slippers while experiencing any VR games and contents.. Or any footwear that is a trip hazard.
■ Always wait for VR Voom’s staff members to put on all equipment for you and take all equipment off for you.
■ VR Voom Ltd and VR Voom’s staff members reserves the right to refuse service to any customer/s if the above conditions are not satisfied. Your safety is our top priority.

Thank You for Your Cooperation!

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