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VR Voom was founded on 28th June 2018, opening the first VR Amusement Centre on 8th December 2018 in Newmarket, and another VR store in Sylvia Park Shopping Centre on 1st May 2019, more will follow throughout New Zealand.

VR Voom is the only company in New Zealand that have multiple VR operations facing the public “bridging the gap between advance technology and the public” (Peter Dong, Founder of VR Voom), simultaneously developing VR games and contents.

We aim to provide the best VR experiences for our customers, that means we have top of the line VR hardware paired with high quality VR games and contents, for example, we offer the first and only VR big space in NZ No Man’s Land 96. but that is not all, we want people to learn how these VR games and contents are made, thus, we offer classes to teach how to do the programming itself, make your own!

STEAM education is our other focus, utilising our know-how to provide a platform for others to learn. We provide opportunities for deep immersive learning, interactive contents transform to engagement, which is the first step to efficient learning. We also offer project-based learning curriculum Mobility Electronic Vehicle -MEV, allowing anyone to achieve the car making dream!
our professional gears
A total number of 4 players, in teams of 2, will compete in a VR combat arena. Players will be immersed in our specially designed VR environment developed just for the game No Man’s Land 96. This combined with few of the very best VR gears currently on the market such as the HTC Vive Pro headset, MSI VR-One backpack, and the PP Gun will give you the ultimate VR experience you will ever have.
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Why Choose Vrvoom
We offer New Zealand’s first VR PvP multiplayer shooting game – No Man’s Land 96, a total of 4 players can experience 2v2 with the latest VR software and hardware while occupying a big open space of 96m², this will give our players the maximum level of firefight reality, but virtual of course.

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried this kind VR gaming before, because all of VR Voom’ staff members are passionate about VR and gaming, also highly trained to explain and teach you how to play. No move is the wrong move.
hundreds of great games
There is a wide range of VR games and contents to choose from, do you fancy a bit of intensive zombie themed four players shooting survival game? Or sit back and relax while exploring the deep ocean floor. Maybe play against your friends in a 2v2 competition in our No Man's Land 96. Run! Crouch! Fire!
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