VR Voom -
Experience Virtual Reality!
Where you gain access to experience new dimensions of entertainment, adventure, learning and development. Through hi-tech gear and top-rated games and content, you’ll enter realms of imagination and potential you never realized before.

The VR Voom flagship 400m2 VR Centre is located at 393 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland.

VR Voom - Entertainment
Our aim is to provide the best VR experiences for our customers – that means we have top of the line VR equipment paired with the latest games and content.

Designed for beginners and more expert, we provide equipment, games and content suitable for a range of levels: individual player, 2-6 multiplayer groups, and some products just for kids.

We offer the first VR 'big space' experience in NZ: 'No Man's Land 96' allows 2-4 players to play against each other, roaming within a 96m2 dedicated virtual reality arena. 'Escape room' in virtual reality for up to 6 people at once. 'Matrix' up to 4 player shooting game. ‘Speeder’ 4D motion platform motorcycle racing game. 'Sword Master' platform offering top rating VR games. 4D motion platform cinemas.
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VR Voom - Education
We want people to learn how VR games and content are made: Empowering future generations.

VR Voom offers learning programmes for students aged 7 years and older, based on STEAM approach,
we utilise our know-how to provide interactive and engaging learning opportunities.

The VR Voom school holiday programmes now run during each term break throughout the year,
teaching young students about programming, 3D modelling, animation, and more.
After school, term classes start in 2020.
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