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About VR Voom

Here at VR Voom, we offer virtual reality experiences in various dimensions of entertainment, adventure, learning and development. Through hi-tech gear and top-rated games and content, you’ll enter realms of imagination and potential you never realized before.

We also provide School Holiday Programme and Term Class to promote authentic learning through a digital technologies education lens to empower future generations with the knowledge and tools to unleash creativity and be digitally savvy citizens of the future.

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VR Voom Experiences

NO.1 Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre in NZ

Our aim is to provide the best VR experiences for our customers – that means we have top of the line VR equipment paired with the latest games and content. Whether you are exploring a fantastical world or experiencing a heart-pumping adventure, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience that combines technology and entertainment in a unique and effective way.

Designed for beginners and more expert, we provide equipment, games and content suitable for a range of levels: individual player, 2-6 multiplayer groups, and some products just for kids.

We offer Birthday parties, Company functions and Venue Hire. We host party size from 8 to 30 people or more.

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