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VR Game Design and Programming

Enjoy a 3-hour session where students will experience Virtual Reality (VR) and learn how they can create their own content!

Students will learn the basics of VR game creation and develop their problem solving and computational thinking skills in the process. Make learning fun by challenging your creativity and testing your creations on our top of the line VR devices.

In the end, students will have:

  Developed basic computational and problem-solving skills.

  Learned basic programming and design for a VR application.

  Learned how to use Unity, a beginner-friendly game development engine.

  Experienced Bolt, a visual way of programming apps.

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3D Modelling and Animation

Have a fun 3 hour course where students will learn what you can do in 3D and what you can create!

The student will learn the basics of a free 3D programme known as Blender, where they will challenge their creative mind and go wild with their ideas! 

At the end of this course students will:

  Get a basic understanding of what 3D is and how to navigate it. 

  Learn modelling and how to create anything you can put your mind to!

  Get to know animation and how to make something static, into movement. 

  Know how Blender is completely free and it’s becoming a industry standard tool for many companies like film and gaming making and others alike!