Virtual Reality (VR) game programming and design

VR Voom is offering a one of a kind school holiday program!

Have fun learning how to design, program and create your very own VR game on this 5-day course designed for students aged 11 and up. Gain an understanding of game design principles to create engaging content. Become proficient in the C# coding language and familiarize yourself with the Unity 3D engine and invite your families & friends to experience your VR game at VR Voom. Share your fruition! 

Students from Saint Kentigern are already on the journey of becoming knowledgeable and embracing disruptive technology with VR Voom. Take the opportunity for your child to join the journey at this school holiday.  


Day 1: Installing the Unity 3D Game Engine and Visual Studio. Becoming familiar with both of these programs. Learning the fundamentals of coding in the C# language to create your programming to solve problems.

Day 2: Creating and developing our first 3D game in Unity. This will teach the basics of using Unity and how to link the code into the game.

Day 3-5: Making and completing a larger scale game that can be played in Virtual Reality (VR). This will cover more advanced coding techniques as well as learning how to integrate VR into the game. We will also cover some basic game design techniques to create the best game possible.

The last 90 minutes of each day will be used for a free study period. Students can work on their projects as they wish, adding their personal touches to their games or trying to learn something new. The teacher will also use this time to talk to each student and make sure everyone is caught up on the same page.

Programs used: Unity 3D Game Engine and Visual Studio 2019 Community

Coding language: C# 

Choose which 5-day course suits you (Limited to 16 students per group only) :

30th September to 4th October 5-day course: 9am to 5pm each day

7th October to 11th October 5-day course: 9am to 5pm each day


$395.00 per person for the 5-day course. 

Book with us:

+64 9 529 9992

What you need to bring:

Laptop (don't worry about any VR gears, we will be providing top of the line ones)

Morning tea


Afternoon tea