Computer Generated (CG) Virtual Reality (VR) Machine 

VR Voom specialises in CG VR game and content development, creating deep immersive and interactive experiences for our customers and end-users. Our VR game and content can also be paired with custom made platforms, such as the ones that are operated by us throughout Auckland. 

 According to SuperData Research, VR market share in 2018 reached USD 3.6 Billion, this is only the start of another technology rapid growth market. And this number could surpass USD 40 Billion by 2020, according to Orbis Research. The implications mean VR will be popularised, serving as an unprecedented avenue to tell your story.

What makes us different from other creators? 

For a starter, we are one of the few companies in the world that have multiple VR operations facing the public offering a vast range of game and content VR experiences, simultaneously developing our own unique VR content. This means we have a constant stream of player/end-user feedback which allows us to pinpoint what it is that VR users are looking for. Whereas having an idea laid out on paper that looks promising may not always work out in the application, wasting valuable time, budget and resources.

 If you want a custom-made VR project, such as for your marketing, training, and anything else, then please get in touch with us. We are excited just by talking about VR.

 Below is a CG VR game that we’ve made, please enjoy the video.