For groups up to 20 people, we have dedicated function rooms for hire.

We can also arrange private hire of the whole venue for your special event.

Weekday Rates: “Happy Hour for Groups” @ $30 per person, Monday-Friday 12-9 PM. Minimum of 8 people in a group together.

Easy to budget for, perfect for Team Builds and Corporate Groups to get together and have some fun in a ‘different reality’ before getting back to productivity at the place of work.

$30 per person special pricing gives the organiser vouchers for 4 x VR experiences per person. For example: a group of 8 people together will cost $240 and will receive 32 VR experiences to distribute amongst the group. Extra VR experiences can be purchased at the same $30 per 4 VR experiences rate.

Food Options

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$16.00 per person, including:

- 1 beef burger,

- 1 meat stick,

- 1 fruit salad,

- 1 slice,

- premium juice.

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Exclusive deal with Domino - 17 Crowhurst Street, Newmarket.

enjoy 20% discount on Traditional, Gourmet, New Yorker Range pizzas, order 5 or more to waive the $8.00 delivery fee.

Use code "VR Voom" when calling +64 9 522 8340 to place order. 


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