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Benefits of Social Interaction and Play

in Virtual Reality 

The benefits to individuals of play and social interaction as a group are generally well accepted reduced stress, improved brain function, enhanced imagination, stimulating creativity, increased problem-solving abilities; a sense of belonging, connection to others, emotional well-being; honing negotiation and interpersonal skills, working together as part of a team.

When it comes to play as part of a group in virtual reality, the sense of building stronger relationships through shared experiences, encouraging perseverance and compromise, learning to lose (or win!) graciously… and simply the pleasure of pure fun!

At our centre in Newmarket, we've noticed that a lot of fun is had by people coming to play together obviously groups of kids have a blast at birthday parties playing all the range of games and experiences on offer, but also a few friends meeting up together and challenging each other builds a bond of having seen off a foe as a unit, a family of a variety of ages spending time playing our games working together to overcome the odds, a group of friends after work, or even corporate colleagues letting loose in a safe space releasing all the tension built up from the typical workday environment. All inevitably leave with smiles and lots of shared adventure still being discussed.

Recognising that playing games together in virtual reality creates opportunities for parents to spend valuable time interacting with kids of all ages (even the teenagers are open to being part of the fun with Mum/Dad at our place) we've created some new options for people to participate and try out VR during periods when we often have fewer people onsite at the centre location we are catering for students to play and encouraging groups and events.